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The Academy

The Ref Online empowers match officials to make the right decisions to get to the top of their game. Our new Academy members’ area provides you with a first-class training and learning environment, giving you all the learning and support tools you need.



A unique platform

The Ref Online is a platform unlike no other. We deliver a first class training and learning environment that empowers you to make the right decisions to get to the top of your game.



Academy Features


Our new Academy members’ area provides you with a first-class training and learning environment, giving you all the learning and support tools you need, including interactive webinars, coach call, blogs, e-learning and much more.

Coach Call

An interactive scenario-based learning tool preparing you for a range of incidents on the pitch. If we don’t have the answer there and then, you can request a call from a coach.

Monthly Webinars

The Ref Online team provide expert guidance on the laws of the game, presented as a series of monthly webinars to improve on-field performance.

Ask the Expert

Former Head of Sports Science for the English Premier League referees, Dr Matthew Weston, PhD provides match officials with information on how best to maximise their fitness levels.

Events & Training Camps

We reserve a limited number of spaces for our members to officiate at our Youdan Trophy professional boys tournament with other match officials from across the world, various events and tailor-made training camps & clinics, along with the opportunity to join our scholarship programme.

Sports Psychology

Regular online content focusing on the psychological elements required to drive performance – from managing people and decision making under pressure to communicating those decisions and developing true resilience. An awareness of human behaviour is key.

Course & Qualifications

We offer TQUK courses and qualifications at discounted rates to our members so you can bolster your CV outside of the game.

Technical Advice

A series of technical blogs from the The Ref Online team, offering advice to improve on field performance.




Knowledge Skills Performance

  • When I heard about the TRO Academy I jumped at the opportunity because I am aware that I need support networks in place so that I am not dealing with things on my own like I have been doing, which is why I really like the Coach Call feature knowing I can request a coach call if I really need to talk through a scenario. I also like the scenarios and practical advice as it has helped me to think about how I would deal with difficult scenarios in the best way. I look forward to using the The Ref Online Academy along with FA and County CORE so I have 3 sources of information and Support and I look forward to taking any opportunities available through the Academy.

    Charles Humphrys Academy Member
  • I hold the fondest of memories of the Youdan Trophy in August as one of my best ever experiences, and I continue to do my best to apply the incredibly insightful education provided to me in each game that I referee. Having the opportunity to meet and talk with the team of superb coaches are without a doubt personal highlight which live long in the memory. I regularly use the TRO academy website and enjoy all of the expert advice offered on the site (about 3 times a week ). I would like to add a big thank you for the excellent HIIT videos which have been a huge help in improving my training in between matches. I also regularly follow the Ref Cam, Ref Show and your personal column, The Verdict – all of which I enjoy very much. TRO is an excellent platform - which I believe has improved my refereeing no end. I have all my assessments completed to meet the requirements needed for promotion, I have officiated in international friendly matches and feel as though I have become the ‘the best referee in my league’.

    Daniel Barclay Academy Member
  • The Man City training camp for me was an exceptional experience that I have recounted countless times to fellow refereeing colleagues. I was treated like a professional from the moment I arrived until the moment I left. They gave us the opportunity us to experience football at the upper echelon through our stay at the Etihad Campus and attending a Premier League match. The TRO team ensured at all times that we had the necessary nutrition, accommodation and amenities at our disposal to thoroughly enjoy and glean every bit of knowledge we could from this trip.

    Braeden Krampert Academy Member
  • “The TRO Academy and Youdan Trophy Tournaments have been exceptional platforms to help improve myself to be the best referee I can be. The education provided by the academy and at the tournament was first class, and a special thank you must go to all the referee coaches for their time put in to support and help us referees. On the academy site I have especially liked using the webinars and helpful documents on all different refereeing topics. I have also enjoyed using the fitness session videos which I use on a regular basis in my training programme. The psychology in refereeing articles, have been extremely interesting and the coach call is always handy to go through different match scenarios and to go through the thought process on decisions, as well as being able to request to call a coach if I need to go through a match incidents. Overall, I think that the The Ref Online Academy is a perfect referee education and development platform which I will always use in my week in preparation before matches and I feel it has really enhanced my performances over the last season and I am looking forward to using it throughout my refereeing career.”

    Harvey Newstead Academy Member
  • I contacted TRO in 2014 as I had just qualified to become a junior referee and wanted to move up the refereeing ladder as quickly as possible I was really fortunate in that. In only 3 seasons I went from a green level 7 to a much more experienced Level 4. And with the current marking season just ending I hope to become a Level 3 and move into refereeing Contributory Football next season. The gold I am getting from TRO really is not available to many other referees. Coupled with that is the exposure I have been given to elite level academies, domestically & internationally, via the Youdan Trophy. Each game provides you with a referee coach of the highest calibre and a full debrief. If you are a referee looking to progress quickly, or to be supported with excellent information/coaching or just looking for a framework to operate within, the TRO Academy really is somewhere to apply. It won't let you down.

    Shane Mansfield Academy Member

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